How to date like a French lady

Keep studying to learn how to strategy your love life like a French lady would.

There is no one method to say, “You are beautiful,” in French. You could say, «Vous êtes simplement belle» (You are merely beautiful) or «Je vous apprécie» (I have a crush on you) or «Vous êtes très jolie» (You are very fairly). Replace vous with tu for casual. (Tu es [insert compliment]).

Use the formal «vous êtes belle» when talking to superiors, the aged, or distinguished individuals. «Vous» is the formal version of «tu,» and is used in «proper» conversation. Though there isn’t any onerous and fast rule for when to make use of «vous,» a great rule of thumb is to use it for anybody you would discuss with as «Ms.» or «Mrs.» in English.


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